An Appellate Attorney For Trials That Go The Wrong Way

Criminal defense attorneys live in the courtroom. They don't have the time to spend days crafting appellate arguments. Nor can they most effectively raise arguments on appeal that were possibly forfeited below. Paul enables defense attorneys to focus on what they do best--persuading jurors--while he takes care of the meticulous appellate brief preparation.

An Appeal In Capable Hands

Paul has the background one expects from a solid appellate attorney. He graduated magna cum laude from Northwestern University Law School, clerked on the Ninth Circuit, and litigated at Munger, Tolles & Olson. These credentials show that Paul has the experience and ability to write compellingly about the most difficult appellate issues.

Active Appellate Advocate

As a panel member on the Second and Fourth Appellate Districts, Paul handles dozens of criminal appeals before those courts. Whether as appointed or retained counsel, he employs the same passion and dedication statewide to correct trial errors and overturn convictions.