Types of Engagements

Here is how I help trial attorneys and their clients at critical junctures in the litigation process:

Trial Strategy for Appeal

I partner with trial counsel before and through trial to position the case for appeal. It’s not just merely about preventing waiver; it also involves a holistic strategy of what key points will ultimately decide the case at trial and on appeal. I also help prepare key trial documents such as trial briefs, motions in limine, special verdicts, and post-trial motions.

Preliminary Appellate Analysis

For a party who has lost at the trial level, the most important decision is whether to appeal. For a fixed fee, I will analyze the client’s chance of success on appeal and explain my reasoning so they can decide whether they want to move forward.

Representation in Court of Appeal

The most important work happens before I start to write my brief. I deconstruct what happened in the trial court, identify the most salient points for appeal, and exhaustively research how those points synthesize with the relevant bedrock legal principles. Only then do I construct my brief, which lays out a clear roadmap for the appellate judges to follow.

Each appeal I work on enhances my principled approach.

Areas of Expertise

I have won appeals across the spectrum, with particular expertise in three key areas.

Real Estate

My expertise covers a wide range of real estate appeals, including landlord–tenant, buy–sell agreements, brokerage agreements, entitlements, boundary disputes, and title insurance. This experience at the intersection of contract and property law makes me uniquely qualified to represent real estate developers, investors, and owners.


Business-related appeals include contract disputes, business torts, partnership and LLC disputes, anti-SLAPP litigation, and employment actions.

Family Law

Family law presents unique challenges at the appellate level because the cases are fragmented and deal with a kaleidoscopic array of issues. I have dealt with a broad range of these issues, including domestic-violence-retraining orders, property division, support orders, attorney-fee orders, and parentage.